In general, our philosophy today is that collision repair is no longer a backyard industry. As such, we need to keep abreast of developments and to remain at the forefront of the repair industry. Therefore, we are setting up a new collision repair centre at a piece of 4 acres land few kilometers away from Batu Pahat town, fully equipped with State-of-the-art collision repair equipments such as Spray Painting Booth, Hydraulic Repair Bench and to be operated with more advance technology.
   A/C Vacuum Machine
   A/C Electric Pumps (for body repair)
   Air Compressor 6HP - 5HP
   Air Gun Wrench
   Asymmetric Two Post Lift
   Asymmetric Four Post Lift
   Auto Transmission Machine
     (Electronic Flusher/Drainer)
   Automatic Refrigerant Leak Detector
   Body Repair Bench
   Blow Gun
   Bottle Jack
   Complete Tools Set Cabinet
   Compressed Air Pumps
   Conventional Body Straighteners
   Crane Engine
   Diagnostic Engine
   Engine Stand
   Floor Jack (10-20 ton)
   Floor Jack
   Fuel Transfer Equipment
   Gear Box Stand
   Hand Pumps (For Body Repair)
   High Pressure Cleaners
   Hydraulic Floor Jack/Service Floor Jack
   Hydraulic Press With Hand Pump /
       Hydraulic Repair Jack (for body repair)
   Jumper Starter/Battery Charger
   Modern Chassis Body Straightener
   Modern Chassis Body Straightener (Electronic)
   Oven Baked Room
   Paint Mixing Equipment
   Portable Oil Drainer
   Portable Lubricators
   Refrigerant Gouge Manifold Set
   Rotation Engine Stand
   Sandblast Gun
   Scissors Lift
   Spray Painting Booth
   Vacuum Clear (Wet/Dry)
   Welding Torches and Gas Cylinders
   Welding Electric / Mig / Spot