Modern Car Body Repair

Modern Car Body Repair

Car body collision repair is no longer a backyard industry. High level of skills and technologies, complemented by modern equipments are required to repair today’s vehicles. Over the years, we have laboured hard to improve all aspects of our business. The fruits of our labour is based on our philosophy of “kaizen” or continuous incremental improvements. Today, we can rightly claim to be one of the foremost car bodyshop in the region in term of equipment level, facilities, standards and organization. These include:-
Key Equipment
- Six (6) Autorobot repair benches
- Autorobot mechanical 3D measuring system with data on practically all cars on the
road (for repair to manufacturers' tolerances)
- "Touch" electronic computerised measuring system (diagnostic check of car body)
- Four (4) Autoliner repair floor racks
- "Pro Spot" spot welder (to duplicate factory welds)
- Spanesi spot welder
- Inverter Tic (aluminium welder)
- Two (2) units oven bake spraybooths
- Infra-red Heater
- RTI RHS780-R134A digital A/C refrigerant handling system
- "Muller Bem" laser based headlamp adjusting system
- "Maha LITE 3" headlight tester
- "Maha" test lane for comprehensive vehicle dynamic test diagnostics (include the 'Profi-Eurosystem' Communications Desk 3000 for cars and vans, 'MINC-I Euro' Side Slip Tester for cars up to 3 ton axle load, 'IW 2 Euro-Profi RS No.2' Brake Tester-Roller set for cars and vans up to 3.5 ton axle load and 'FWT 1 Euro' Shock Absorber and Suspension Tester for cars and vans)
- Auto Diagnostic System
Today’s vehicles with their tight tolerances requires complete measuring to be a part of the repair process. Many car bodyshops do not even use a mechanical 3D measuring system, leave alone a electronic system. In this respect, our pride-of-place equipment which include the “Touch” electronic diagnostic measuring system and the “MAHA” vehicle test lane distinquishes and place us at the forefront of the car bodyshop industry.